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Honoring Faith
Serving Community!

Life Activity Programs

Honoring Faith, Serving Community & Defending Life!

Tony Jansen
Life Director
Cell 573-768-0294

Greg Elsey
Life Services (Meet Life/Legislative/MCC) Chairman
D/N 417-861-1444

Michael Deamos
Sympathy Card/ Memorial Board Chairman
D/N: 816-405-7418

Dave Mitchell
Roses for Life/Silver Rose/Marian Hour Chairman
D/N: 417-830-8000

Gary Beussink
Special Olympics Chairman
D/N: 573-382-4002

Grand Knights, Ladies Auxiliary Presidents and District Deputies welcome to the State Life Programs!  Please read through this guide as our hope is that our programs will assist your Councils in Respecting and Protecting all Life from Conception to Death. Our theme this year is “Honoring Faith, Serving Community, & Defending Life”.

  • Our Meet Life Campaign will continue with Phase II after achieving our 5-year goal of 2 million and reducing abortions by half in Missouri by the year 2016 which was a great accomplishment.
  • Special Olympics is a Life Activities program in line with the Supreme Faith in Action Model.
  • State Sympathy Card This is a great chance to honor our fallen Knights with a card to the family from our State Deputy & State Chaplain.
  • The Silver Rose will again run from September to October
  • Marian Hour for Life program will continue through the state
  • Roses for Life Program will continue as we draw awareness to our Church’s and also to our State Legislators in Missouri for the dignity of life.
  • Additional Supreme programs are Pregnancy Center Support, Marches for Life, Council Support, Ultrasound Program, Novena for Life, Mass’ for People with Special Needs and support to the Christian Refuge Relief.

  • The “Required” program for Life Activities is Novena for Life.
  • The “Featured” programs for Life Activities are Marches for Life, Special Olympics and the Ultrasound Program. Participating in Featured programs will count for 2 credits out of 4 for your Life Activities requirement for your Columbian Award.  Be sure to see the requirements for each Featured and Required program to make sure you qualify!

Meet Life Campaign – The History Phase 1

On July 16, 2011, the Missouri State Council Knights of Columbus announced the establishment of their “Meet Life” campaign.  The goal of the campaign is to reduce the number of abortions performed in the State of Missouri by 50% by the end of the year 2016.  The campaign was coordinated by the Knights of Columbus and included Vitae Foundation and In His Image Ultrasound.

The mission of the “Meet Life” campaign is to reduce abortion in Missouri through the placement of ultrasound technology in local Pregnancy Centers along with mass media advertising to direct women to those centers. These efforts would provide opportunities for mothers experiencing unplanned pregnancies to bond with their unborn babies and encourage them to carry their babies to term.

The Results:

By the end of 2016, the goal of $2,000,000 was reached by donations over the 5-year campaign. An endowment with a beginning amount of $500,000 was established with a private donor donation. The year before Meet Life be- gan, there were 9,796 abortions in Missouri. In 2017, the last year abortions were tabulated by the state, abortions were down to 6,790—the lowest number of abortions since it became legal in 1973. Meet Life has been highly ef- fective, and we must keep moving forward! By the end of 2018-2019 fraternal year, we will have placed 44 ultra- sounds in pregnancy resource centers and one coming online this new fraternal year.

Meet Life Campaign – A New Challenge

It seems like a miracle occurred when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade which returned to the states the decision to allow women to obtain an abortion.  Missouri has already banned Abortion and such treat it as an illegal activity.  However, such a ruling does not change the importance of protecting the life of the unborn through ultrasound technology but may require us to protect ourselves, our families and our places of worship.  The fight for the unborn continues.

First our need for ultrasounds will not be going away.  The ability for an expectant mother to see her unborn child has proven to be a profound tool in convincing a woman that her unborn child is indeed alive and deserves to live.  While abortions are currently illegal in Missouri, money is pouring in from pro-abortion groups around the country to make abortion a constitutional amendment in Missouri.  The fight has come to us.  Unfortunately, we do not have donors from around the country.  The Knights of Columbus in Missouri with the other faithful pro-life groups are leading the fight to defeat this evil in November.  Missouri’s ability to provide ultrasounds will remain vital to persuading mothers to not undergo an abortion.  In the end, the need to place ultrasound machines throughout the state of Missouri remains vital. 

Your council’s financial assistance will still be needed.  The goal that we need each year going forward remains at $200,000. We are working on endowments now so the goal might decrease over the years to come.  Councils are urged to begin or continue fundraisers such as a Baby Bottle Campaign, dinners, and other various fundraising events.  You can also do a second collection with the Pastor’s permission.  The Missouri State Council has envelopes available that will help you with this.  In the current environment, we believe such events to protect the unborn will be met with added enthusiasm by Catholics.  Also, councils may consider

We will continue to work with like-minded pro-life groups from around Missouri to defeat this evil ballot initiative.   We are asking every council in Missouri to help educate fellow Catholics and all everyone we interact with about the significant harm this amendment would do to our state.  Please be vigilant in learning and educating others on this amendment.  We must stand united to defeat this evil in November.  We have to work to keep abortion illegal.  Our next step is to make abortion unthinkable.  Please pray to make abortion unthinkable.

Meet Life

The Missouri State Council Knights of Columbus have always been leaders in respecting the lives of the unborn. In keeping with prior fundraising goals, the Meet Life Program fundraising goal is as follows

  • Each Council will be mailed a suggested donation The Meet Life VOLUNTARIY contribution we are looking for is $5.00 per member. So, if you have 200 members to get 100% it would be $1,000.00
  • There will be 100% and 125% goals and each level will have an award for councils making their goal
  • We will conduct a Fall and Spring appeal drive via mail to each individual Knight in case some brothers wish to donate more.
  • Councils may raise the money any way they wish- either members paying it or hosting Baby Bottle Campaigns
  • All monies collected through this program will stay in the State of Missouri
  • Use your bulletin for reminders for people to pray for the end of abortion
  • Address questions to Tony Jansen Life Director @ 573-768-0294
  • Make your check payable to “Columbian Charities” and contact Greg Elsey for mailing instructions Be sure to mention what Council, Assembly or Auxiliary the monies are coming from and designate funds go to the Meet Life Campaign
  • If you have any questions or need help with your campaign, please contact Meet Life Chairman Greg Elsey at 417-861-1444 or
Statements from Meet Life Pregnancy Help Center Directors for Motivation!

 “We have been incredibly blessed by the most recent Meet Life Campaign. This Campaign has been so effective in reaching the abortion-minded women and getting them in our clinic door”
– Sony Ride, Executive Director, Parkville Women’s Center

“The research-based website you put together for us has really increased the number of abor- tion-minded calls. We’ve seen a great increase in the number of abortion-minded clients that are texting, calling and emailing”
– Gary Smith, Executive Director, Hand ‘N Hand in Barnhart

Roses For Life

Looking for another way to help the Abortion Issue? Join the Knights in the Roses for Life Program. Order your Roses and have the Parishioner sign the label and have them keep the Rose.

Rose Ordering:

  • Orders for Roses need to be submitted to your DD by September 15th,2024.
  • All orders must be in multiples of 100.
  • Roses can be ordered with or without the KofC emblem.
  • Roses must be paid for at time of ordering with check accompanying order form
  • Late orders (after SEP 15) add $35 for shipping!
  • Roses will be distributed at the December State Meeting to your District Deputy.
    Roses for Life Order Form 2024

Special Olympics

Whose Mission is . . .
To provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy, and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes, and the community.

Since 1968, Special Olympics has grown to be recognized as the leader in supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities- creating Unified activities for family participation, hosting Young Athlete Programs to get athletes ages 2-7 introduced to sports, teaching public speaking and job skills training through its Athlete Leadership Program, and serving as the world’s largest public health organization for individuals with intellectual disabilities through its Healthy Athlete Program. The competition begins locally, and extends to Area, District, Regional and State every year. Every 4 years there are USA Games and World Games.

Statewide Sponsor of SOMO Commitment
Every year the Missouri Knights of Columbus have a $75,000 annual commitment to serve as an Official Statewide Sponsor of SOMO – this goes to fund SOMO’s Indoor, Summer and Outdoor State Games. Councils are recognized for their volunteer hours and donations by being designated a Gold, Silver or Bronze level supporter.

Please remember that your council can designate its turnaround funds from your Persons with Developmental Disabilities Drive (Tootsie Roll Drive) to go directly to Special Olympics Missouri.

Supreme Offer:
The Supreme Council is offering each state a chance to receive matching funds that will be given based on the money and volunteer time donated by that particular jurisdiction. It is measured by filling out Form 10784 Fraternal Program Reports Form for your council’s support of Special Olympics. Please complete and return the Form 10784 indicating your support for Special Olympics even if your council did not support SOMO this year!  This form is given to every council and can also be filled out online at 10784 LINK .
This matching money will give us additional funds we can use to support SOMO.

 Special Olympics Medal Awards

The top three Councils who financially contribute the most to SOMO/TLC (per member) will be recognized at the State Convention through receipt of a Gold, Silver or Bronze Olympic Medal award. If you would like to have a check presentation with SOMO Athletes in your area, please contact Chairman Gary Beussink,, and he can assist in coordinating to have them at your meeting. This is an excellent opportunity to show your community where and how your Tootsie Roll funds are used.. Donate Here

 “Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”
– Athlete Oath

For more information please contact:                        Contact Jerry for SOMO Donation Instructions:
Gary Beussink, Special Olympics Chairman            Jerry Herbert, Columbian Charities-Treasurer
573-382-4002                                                                 314-650-7617                                    

State Sympathy Card

Remembering the Brother Knights that have died is very important to the State Council.  By filling out THIS FORM 
and sending it to the Sympathy Card Chairman, a sympathy card signed by the State Deputy and the State Chaplain will be sent to the family.  
Be aware that by sending in the deceased Knights information on the Form #100 to Supreme Council will not be passed on to the State Council by the Supreme Council.  
So please remember to send the information to us as well.

Also, if you would like to place his name on the memorial board that is at all of the state conventions and meetings, contact Chairman Mike Deamos noted below for instructions. The monies donated for the memorial board fund the Msgr. Mancuso Catholic Education fund.

Michael Deamos
Sympathy Card Chairman
(D&N) 816-405-7418

Sympathy Card Order Form

Novena for Life

Required Supreme Program

The Knights will come together through both public and private acts of prayer to lead their communities in the spiritual battle to establish a culture of life in our nations.  The protection of life is a sustained prayer intention of the Church and, in particular, of the Knights of Columbus. At set times of the year, a council can promote a novena, which is nine days of sustained prayer, to build up a culture of life in our parishes, in our homes, and in the wider community via communal gatherings and promotional efforts. These novenas could precede or end major feast days or pro-life events.

As a State Program, we are encouraging you to do your Novena for Life sometime in conjunction with your Roses for Life in October.  Novena examples can be found on the Supreme or Catholic websites or as simple as reciting the Rosary.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Silver Rose Run

One Life, One Rose

The Our Lady of Guadalupe Silver Rose has been a Knights of Columbus tradition for 62 years. In 1960, groups of Columbian Squires in Mexico, Canada and the United States decided to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe by carrying a rose across North America from Canada to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Monterrey, Mexico. In 2001 Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson, at the 119th Supreme Council Meeting in Toronto, addressed the effort in culture of life terms, referring to the Our Lady of Guadalupe – One Life, One Rose Program. He urged that it be expanded to every North American jurisdiction.

In recent years the program has expanded to eight silver roses traveling the western, central, and eastern corridors of North America, with Knights of Columbus from Canada to Mexico carrying the roses from destination to destination, and finally to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Monterrey, Mexico.

Every stop along the route of the Silver Rose Pilgrimage is an occasion for prayer and spiritual renewal centered on the rosary. English, French and Spanish booklets containing recommended prayers, scripture readings and a litany accompany the Silver Rose.  The Silver Rose for our area will start in September and leave in October

Silver Rose Chairman David Mitchel has the schedule and will be alerting the District Deputies on the dates and times that they will be having the Silver Rose available for Council events. Contact David Mitchel by email at 

Marian Hour Devotion for Life

The Supreme Council would like every Council to hold a Marian Hour of Prayer Service for Life this year. Here are the suggested steps involved in setting one up. 1.) Contact your Council chaplain or pastor to schedule the prayer service. 2.) Pick a place to hold it (a church is preferred but you may use your Council Hall or meeting area). 3.) Select a date and time that is convenient for the chaplain and for most members. 4.) Plan a companion event (a breakfast, picnic, banquet, membership drive etc.) to be held in conjunction with the service. 5.) Promote your event through your council newsletter, parish bulletin, diocesan newspaper, etc. 6.) After holding your prayer service, please make a report on the event and send it to Chairman Dave Mitchell

The Supreme office has provided us with three icons, including Marian prayer books that will help assist you.  The icons are currently moving around Missouri now.  Your District Deputy will be acquiring the icon and notifying each Council when they will have it available for a parish or Council service. Contact Chairman Dave Mitchell or your District Deputy with questions.

Mass for People with Special Needs

Culture of Life is not simply about the beginning stages of Life; it is a commitment to affirm and defend life in all its stages and in every condition.  A Knights of Columbus sponsored Mass, conducted annually for people with special needs, is an opportunity to welcome individuals or families who might not normally feel comfortable attending regularly scheduled Mass.

Those with special needs are living icons of the love of Christ in the world and must be welcomed fully into a parish community. Physical or social barriers may dissuade some people from attending Mass. Family member anxiety may keep them from bringing a loved one out of concerns of disrupting the Mass or, unfortunately, even because they may not feel welcome.

A dedicated Mass may be the first of many steps toward integrating people with special needs into weekly or even daily Mass as well as sacraments and other aspects of parish life. Holding this Mass sends the message that all of God’s children are welcome under the parish roof and that every person is an integral part of the parish family.

Christian Refuge Relief

“Whether at home or abroad, charity is our Order’s first principle and the basis for all we do as brother Knights. It is the tangible way that we live out that spirit of fraternity and “missionary discipleship” to which Pope Francis has called us.” – Former Supreme Knight Carl Anderson.

The message from Past Supreme Knight Carl Anderson is clear that we need to look at ways to help all over the world that are in need.  Prayers and financial support is needed for many Christian relief programs that the Supreme Council is supporting.  Please try to do your part as a Council, Auxiliary or Assembly. Details are available on the Supreme Council website at

March for Life

Featured Supreme Program

This program is one of the Featured programs that will get you two credits on the Columbian Award. Many Councils throughout Missouri support the March for Life.  Either by attending a March for Life, providing financial support for transportation or supervising a group for a March for Life.
Your Diocesan Office will be able to give you lots of areas to help in if you are not already supporting a March. Be sure to check the Supreme guidelines to make sure you qualify for the double credit.

Pregnancy Center Support

This program is also one that a lot of Councils in Missouri participate in already. If you need help finding a Pregnancy Center in your area, contact either myself at or Meet Life Chairman Greg Elsey at and we will find one in your area.  There are many ways you can help support the center. Just ask and they will tell you!  A lot of them need baby supplies and probably volunteer time. Some need help with updating equipment like computers and phones.  Most have a Walk for Life as well and welcome the Knights participation and financial support.

Aid and Support After Pregnancy (ASAP)

In 2022, the Knights of Columbus Supreme Office developed a new and exciting program called Aid and Support After Pregnancy or ASAP.  This program is designed to support pregnant women, mothers and their babies by serving pregnancy resource centers and maternity homes.

What is the need?
Pregnancy resource centers provide assistance to nearly 2 million clients each year. These organizations, and the women and babies they serve, are in dire need of financial contributions, donations of material goods, and other volunteer services.

Despite the essential services pregnancy resource centers provide to women and their new children, 90% of funding for pregnancy centers is raised locally and 80% of centers receive no government funding.

In 2021, Knights donated $4.6 million and 469,000 volunteer hours to support these centers and the women and children they serve through cash donations and community service activities such as baby and maternity item drives. These life-saving organizations would not be able to provide the level of assistance women and children need without support from the Knights of Columbus and collaborating parish communities.

How can my council get involved with ASAP?
Through ASAP, for every $500 a council or assembly donates to a qualifying non-profit pregnancy resource center or maternity home, the Supreme Council will issue a $100 grant to the same qualifying organization.

There are a variety of activities you can organize to qualify for ASAP funds – most fall within the categories of financial support and material assistance:

Financial Support includes:

  • Direct donations
  • Baby Bottle Drives
  • Proceeds from fundraisers and more.

Material Assistance includes:

  • Donations of baby items (equipment, food, formula, diapers, wipes), clothes (maternity, baby, infant and toddler) and other items often listed on a centers or maternity home’s website.

Local Catholic Charities, the Sisters of Life, diocesan pregnancy resource centers, and other organizations are also in need of support. Many parishes are already involved with local pregnancy centers. Visit or contact your local Knights of Columbus council to learn more and get involved. Applications for matching funds from Supreme available at:

ASAP Grant Review Guidelines:
Please review these guidelines before completing the application.

For every $500 a council or assembly donates to a qualifying non-profit pregnancy resource center or maternity home (up to $2,000), Supreme will issue a $100 grant to the same qualifying organization. The most a council or assembly can earn as an additional grant from Supreme for a pregnancy center or maternity home is $400 per center or home supported, per year. There is no cap on the number of pregnancy centers or maternity homes a council or assembly can support. Qualified donations can be through a monetary donation (e.g. cash, check etc.) or by donating items such as maternity or baby supplies purchased by the council or donated through collection drives. Money or items donated to each qualifying organization must be donated between July 1 and June 30 within the fraternal year applied for, and must amount to at least $500.

Guidelines for Qualifying Organizations
The following organizations qualify to receive a grant:

  • Non-profit (U.S. 501c3) pregnancy resource centers
  • Non-profit (U.S. 501c3) maternity homes providing housing services or post-birth transitional housing to pregnant women.

The following do not qualify to receive a grant:

  • Organizations not mentioned in the categories of qualifying organizations listed above.
  • For-profit organizations.
  • Organizations outside of the United States.
  • Individuals or families.
  • Donations made for the purchase of ultrasound machines do not qualify for a grant through ASAP.

Please Note: A member of the council or assembly should contact the center or home’s director to confirm it meets the requirements above. When in doubt, consult with your State Meet Life Chairman Greg Elsey: