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Asset Advisors/Insurance

Very Important Proposer

Members are eligible for the VIP Club after successfully recruiting a minimum of 2 new members. This includes new applications, as well as reinstatement of former members.

Councils should reward these members through public and council recognition ceremonies. They may also want to also

purchase them with a VIP lapel pin to recognize their achievements (available through the Supreme Supply catalog). Supreme will provide certificates signed by Supreme Knight Carl Anderson. (Supreme keeps track of the number of members recruited.)

VIP levels include recruitment of the following number of members: 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500.

Why The Knights Offer Insurance

In 1873, while seminarian Michael McGivney was studying for the priesthood, his father Patrick passed away. As money was no longer available for his tuition, he packed his belongings and returned home. Fortunately, he received a scholarship from the then Diocese of Hartford, so he was able to continue his studies through to his ordination.

Less than a decade later, Fr. McGivney was faced with a similar situation with one of his parishioners, Edward Downes, Jr. His father passed away and he too was forced to quit the seminary as he returned home to support his mother and his 12 siblings.

Fr. McGivney was unable to help Edward, but did become the legal guardian of Edward’s brother Alfred.

For these reasons Fr. McGivney knew that support of the widow and children of members was something he wanted to accomplish. In his own words, he said he wanted his Knights of Columbus to “unite the men of our Faith throughout the Diocese of Hartford, that we may thereby gain strength to aid each other in time of sickness; to provide for decent burial, and to render pecuniary assistance to the families of deceased members.”

Even though we live in a different period of time, families are still in need of financial protection. “From its small but promising beginnings in 1882, our insurance program has become a pillar of financial strength.”

Utilize your Field Agent – have him help you in recruiting efforts – have him hold an insurance benefits night to show members (and prospective members) what financial services Knights of Columbus Insurance offers.

Shining Armor Award

Awarded for distinguished service to the Order to first-year members who exemplify true Knighthood. The idea is to get new members active in the many facets of the Knights of Columbus as early as possible. To qualify a member must:

Be involved in at least 3 council service programs
Attend at least 3 council business meetings
Meet with the council’s insurance representative
Recruit at least one new member.
This program is designed to reward new members who engage in and maintain an active level of participation in council programs and activities. For those who qualify, the Certificate of Recognition (#4293) and the “Shining Armor” lapel pin (#1700) are available for order through the Supreme Supply Department.

Why not offer the Shining Armor Award challenge to all current First Degree members? Give them from July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021 to get these requirements done and then recognize them with this award.